By the way, this page (as you can see) is still developing. I'm 77 and single 6' 176lb Golfer. (my photo taken Feb 2017) I keep very active as I can. But I want to say that I am looking for preferable an older Tenor Saxophone,Selmer Mark VI or Alto mark VI saxophone. So if you have one and want to sell it or donate it, please let me know, I'd like to get a better sax, preferable Selmer, thank you.


These rare Plumeria cuttings will be 12" to 16". You can buy 1 or 2 if you want to buy more than two you can email me (see below). The live plants are bare root and they come in two sizes, medium and large. Medium would be approximately 20" to 29" - Large 30" to 45" or more. My plants are 3-4 years old very mature. Instructions will be on my website as well as some written instructions included in the package. The price includes shipping to the lower *48 states only. I will not be responsible shipping to very cold climates. If you happen to be in an area where you can pick up in person and take the 5 gallon container and the Plumeria they have grown in. One more thing I have a few very special Plumeria that are totally one of a kind. I have raised for over 4 years and and they are like Bonsai. Totally unique and one of a kind. These plants are in special pots and if you are interested to see them please send me an email.

Cuttiings will be about 12" to 16"

Plumeria 1A is one cutting.

Plumeria 1B is for two cuttings.
Plumeria 1C is Medium Live Plant. 20-29"

Plumeria 1D is Large Plumeria 30" to 45" or more. Includes shipping in the lower 48 states only.

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Some people might say, "What is a Plumeria?" Plumeria are  known for there great beauty, wonderful fragrance and many colors.  Most Lei's in Hawaii are made from Plumeria. I have grown these plants for over 15 years. I had over 4,000 Plumeria on my property in Santa Barbara, CA backyard, side yard, driveway, greenhouse, etc. I now have about 120. Things have changed for me and I need to downsize even more. I will give you as much information as I can about having fun with Plumeria and I will also show you some of my collection that I have for sale. I now do not have room for all my plants so I am selling all my rare mature plants. See more at my other site:

You will love Plumeria and they are easy to care for. They love the heat. I live in the desert, in the Palm Springs area and they love it. They do not like temps below 50 degrees for very long. You can grow these plants in warm weather and then pull them up for winter and store them until spring time if you live in freezing weather. See How-to-here. Or, if you have a green house, and a small heater, they will do just fine. You can also keep a couple indoors anytime. I lost the id tags I had on each plant during a rain storm, so now I have lowered my prices and all are the same price.  I can't tell which is which until they bloom again. A great deal for you, as the prices were almost double. But I can assure you they are as wonderful as they get. Beautiful colors. I am also including shipping in the price.  The plants will shipped bare root. You will also get full instructions with your purchase. See (my other site) Pictured below are a variety of plants that I have for sale. So if you want to wait until they bloom (spring/Summer) the price will be double+ then. Thank you. Captain Chuck

Having Fun With Plumeria